Navy League

The greatest benefit of membership in the Navy League is the direct support, connection and recognition for and with the men and woman who currently wear the uniforms of our armed forces – especially those in the Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard*. Through the Navy League they become aware, not only that we care, but that we strive at the National level to make certain that their weapons, systems, equipment and training needs are maintained at the highest level.

The Daytona Beach Area Council of the United States, or Daytona Beach Navy League, as it is often referred to, is active in maintaining the support and recognition of outstanding performers identified by their respective commands. Visits to their ships, stations and commands and invitations to Council lunches, dinners and special events keep members in touch with the troops. The opportunities for members to engage are almost limitless. Family members of uniformed personnel are considered as important as their loved ones and they are occasionally present at Council events.

The Council also supports young people who are going to be serving (the NROTC students at ERAU) as well as those in the U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps-Daytona Division who may serve some day. The latter is not a military recruiting program. The output is youngsters more aware of our military, the meaning of patriotism, good citizenship, discipline, leadership, respect for those in charge and their elders plus the value of good grades. See Sea Cadets

There are several ways to keep in touch and participate. To keep up to date on important events and activities in the Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard, the Navy League of the United States publishes the “Sea Power” magazine. The January issue is called the “Sea Power Almanac” and it covers the ships, aircraft and weapons of all the sea services. Regular issues are published monthly. A Council newsletter, the “Anchor Line” is published periodically.

Email and direct mail are the principal means of notifying members of all events and registration requirements. Regular attendance at Council functions builds relationships among members and provides feedback and awareness of previous and future events.

Members make up the Board of Directors (BOD) and their appointments are voted upon by the membership. The Council is always seeking members who want to get involved and assume sole responsibility for connections with “our” military units, event planning and management.

*The Coast Guard now reports under Homeland Security (and not the Military) but continues to be recognized and honored by the Navy League for their role protecting our nation.