We Support

Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) Squadron 2 (adopted) Naval Station (NS) Mayport. In the process of adopting 3 crews and presenting Sailor of the Quarter (SOQ) and Sailor of the Year (SOY) awards to each crew. The Iron Horses were adopted in January and the Scorpions are scheduled for adoption in April. Crew adoptions are necessary because the Squadron will be operating in a Blue-Gold crew system like ballistic-missile submarines.

Amphibious Assault Ship USS New York (LPD 21) Present SOQ and SOY framed certificates and $100 to four enlisted personnel for the New York Council. Arranged for crew members to participate in NASCAR’s Troops-to-the-Track program (2016).

U.S. Naval Forces Southern Command/U.S. Fourth Fleet (an adopted command) NS Mayport. Present SOQ and SOY framed certificates and $100 to three enlisted personnel as selected by the U.S. Fourth Fleet. Arranged for crew members to participate in NASCAR’s Troops-to-the-Track program (2015). Toys-for-our-Tots recipient 2015.

Guided-Missile Destroyer USS Carney DDG 64 (an adopted ship for 20+ years) NS Rota, Spain. Changed home port from NS Mayport in September 2015 outfitted with the ballistic-missile package to defend allies and US against attack from rouge states. Mail framed certificates for SOQ’s and SOY’s. Troops-to-the-Track recipient.

Guided-Missile Cruiser USS Gettysburg CG 64 (an adopted ship) currently in Naval Base Norfolk undergoing complete refitting with latest war-fighting capabilities. Mail framed certificates for SOQ and SOY. Troops-to-the-Track recipient.

Navy and Marine Corps Recruiters in Volusia County (two adopted commands).Present framed certificates and $100 to those selected as Recruiters-of-the-Year (ROY) by their commands. All recruiters are high-performance personnel in various specialties who are trained for recruiting assignments lasting two to three years. The best-of-the- best seeking the most qualified to wear the cloth of our nation.

U.S. Coast Guard Station Ponce, New Smyrna Beach (adopted command). Present SOQ and SOY framed certificates and $100 to enlisted personnel as selected by the Station. An annual award and $100 is presented to a member of the small Aids-to-Navigation Team (ANTS) operating out of the Station. Troops-to-the-Track recipient.

Amphibious Assault Ship USS Fort McHenry LSD 43 NS Mayport. Selected as the 2016 Toys-For-Our-Tots project. The “Fort Mac” is in the USS Iwo Jima Gator Fleet along with the USS New York and the USS Iwo Jima.

U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps – Daytona Division. The drill location for these girls and boys age 10 to 17 is the U. S. Coast Guard Station Ponce. Refer to Sea Cadets.

U. S. NROTC unit at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. A Navy or Marine officer’s sword is presented to the leading graduating midshipman and one award is presented for leadership and one for academics. There is an open invitation to all Council luncheons and dinners for four Navy or Marine Corps instructors and/or midshipmen. The unit Color Parade in the Spring is open to all and a great inspiration for youngsters to witness. That is when the presentations are made.

Captain William McGonagle Memorial Foundation book project. Over 18,000 books have been collected to date and delivered to ships and commands in the Jacksonville area in the Captain’s name.

NASCAR’s Troops-to-the-Track. Work with NASCAR, not only in Daytona, but in various other tracks like Richmond, Chicago and Martinsville to get deserving active duty personnel to races where they participate in patriotic events recognizing our military and are treated to special activities during the day. The Council’s role in this project is expanding.

Family Readiness Groups (FRG’s). Provide financial support to the FRG’s of adopted ships and for specific events when needs arise. For example – on-the-pier receptions for ships returning from deployment. Families are considered Navy.

Toys-For-Our-Tots. Collect and deliver Christmas toys for children in adopted units as identified by Command personnel. Gifts are directed to children identified by name, gender and age. Parents that could use some help providing joyful Christmases for their kids are identified by the Chiefs in the command or on the ship.

Guidance and mentoring. is provided for young people wishing to enter the Naval Academy (Blue and Gold Organization), other service schools and the NROTC.